Integrated piezoresistive sensors for atomic force-guided scanning Hall probe microscopy

Oral, Ahmet
We report the development of an advanced sensor for atomic force-guided scanning Hall probe microscopy whereby both a high mobility heterostructure Hall effect magnetic sensor and an n-Al0.4Ga0.6As piezoresistive displacement sensor have been integrated in a single III-V semiconductor cantilever. This allows simple operation in high-vacuum/variable-temperature environments and enables very high magnetic and topographic resolution to be achieved simultaneously. Scans of magnetic induction and topography of a number of samples are presented to illustrate the sensor performance at 300 and 77 K. (C) 2003 American Institute of Physics.


Direct observation of the strength of plasmon-longitudinal optical phonon interaction in n-type GaAs
Altan, Hakan; Matten, D.; Alfano, R. R. (AIP Publishing, 2006-07-31)
The screening of longitudinal optical phonons by plasmons is investigated by time-resolved visible pump-mid-infrared probe transmission measurements in a series of light to highly doped n-type GaAs wafers. The reduced relaxation of photogenerated carriers is strongly correlated to the coupling between longitudinal optical phonons and background plasmons as suggested by the variation of the phonon strength over the doping range. The critical plasmon density at which the optical phonons were effectively scree...
The ATLAS Inner Detector commissioning and calibration
Aad, G.; et. al. (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2010-08-20)
The ATLAS Inner Detector is a composite tracking system consisting of silicon pixels, silicon strips and straw tubes in a 2 T magnetic field. Its installation was completed in August 2008 and the detector took part in data-taking with single LHC beams and cosmic rays. The initial detector operation, hardware commissioning and insitu calibrations are described. Tracking performance has been measured with 7.6 million cosmic-ray events, collected using a tracking trigger and reconstructed with modular pattern-...
Ultimate fast optical switching of a planar microcavity in the telecom wavelength range
Ctistis, Georgios; Yüce, Emre; HARTSUİKER, Alex; Claudon, Julien; Bazin, Maela; Gerard, Jean-Michel; Vos, Willem L. (AIP Publishing, 2011-04-18)
We have studied a GaAs-AlAs planar microcavity with a resonance near 1300 nm in the telecom range by ultrafast pump-probe reflectivity. By the judicious choice of pump frequency, we observe an ultimate fast and reversible decrease in the resonance frequency by more than half a linewidth due to the instantaneous electronic Kerr effect. The switch-on and switch-off of the cavity is only limited by the cavity storage time of tau(cav)=0.3 ps and not by intrinsic material parameters. Our results pave the way to ...
Measurement of differential top-quark-pair production cross sections in pp collisions at root s=7 TeV
Chatrchyan, S.; et. al. (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2013-03-01)
Normalised differential top-quark-pair production cross sections are measured in pp collisions at a centre-of-mass energy of 7 TeV at the LHC with the CMS detector using data recorded in 2011 corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 5.0 fb(-1). The measurements are performed in the lepton + jets decay channels (e + jets and mu + jets) and the dilepton decay channels (e(+)e(-), mu(+)mu(-), and mu(+/-)e(-/+)). The t (t) over bar differential cross section is measured as a function of kinematic properties ...
Thin-film transistors based on poly, (3,3 '''-dialkyl-quarterthiophene) and zinc oxide nanowires with improved ambient stability
Vieira, Sara M. C.; Hsieh, Gen-Wen; Ünalan, Hüsnü Emrah; Dag, Sefa; Amaratunga, Gehan A. J.; Milne, William I. (AIP Publishing, 2011-03-07)
The ambient stability of thin-film transistors (TFTs) based on zinc oxide (ZnO) nanowires embedded in poly (3,3'''-dialkyl-quarterthiophene) was monitored through time dependence of electrical characteristics over a period of 16 months. The hybrid-based TFT showed an initial hole mobility in the linear regime of 4.2 x 10(-4) cm(2)/V s. After 16 months storage in ambient conditions (exposed to air, moisture, and light) the mobility decreased to 2.3 x 10(-5) cm(2)/V s. Comparatively the organic-based TFT lost...
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