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Kinetic analysis of in situ combustion processes with thermogravimetric and differential thermogravimetric analysis and reaction tube experiments

Kök, Mustafa Verşan
Okandan, Ender
This research comprises the determination of kinetic parameters of in situ combustion processes by reaction tube and thermal (thermogravimetric analysis (TGA)/differential thermogravimetric analysis (DTGA)) experiments. A previously developed laboratory model and a Du Pont 9900 thermalanalyzer unit were used to run the experiments. Three reaction regions for combustion of crude oil in porous media were observed in the reaction tube and TGA/DTGA experiments and are defined as low temperature oxidation, fuel deposition and high temperature oxidation. The kinetic parameters are calculated for each reaction region using Weijdema's reaction model in reaction tube experiments. The Arrhenius model is applied to determine the kinetic parameters from TGA/DTGA thermograms and a comparison is made between kinetic results.