Systems Thinking for Studying International Professional Program Participants' Thoughts

Studying the experiences of participants in international professional programs requires conceptual frameworks that take into account the complex systemic nature of the intercultural journeys. This article explores the thoughts of a prospective teacher related to a field experience abroad. The purpose is to understand the narratives of experience and demonstrate how systems thinking facilitated a deep study of this case. The focal case is that of a prospective teacher from the US who participates in a professional program in Ecuador for 2 months. Systems mapping, critical and soft systems criteria, and correspondence analysis help explore the contexts of the international professional program and the thoughts of the participant. Results show that the participant developed an awareness of cultural systems which is also reflected in her culturally sensitive practices after her completion of the program. Both worldviews and social interactions abroad had a significant place in the participant's narratives of experience.


Understanding drivers of performance in the 3PL industry in Hong Kong
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Community Service Learning and the Emergence of Systems Thinking: A Teacher Education Project in an Urban Setting in Turkey
Karaman, Abdullah Cendel (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2014-10-01)
This study explores how community service learning experiences are reflected in the cognition of prospective teachers. Initial thoughts related to the experience are analyzed in relation the emerging thoughts throughout and after the experience. The study explored the thoughts of 15 prospective foreign language teachers related to their participation in a community project. The participants tutored students with visual disabilities at a learning center in an urban setting in Turkey. As part of the community...
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