The multidisciplinary International Virtual Design Studio (MIVDS)

Erden, A
Erkmen, Aydan Müşerref
Erkmen, İsmet
Bucinell, RB
Traver, C
Notash, L
The International Virtual Design Studio (MIVDS) that was originated between the Departments of Mechanical Engineering of Union College (UC) and the Middle East Technical University (METU) is now extended to include the Mechanical Engineering Department at Queen's University in Canada, the Computer Systems Engineering/Electrical Engineering Department at UC, and the Electrical/Electronics Engineering Department of METU, The design teams that participate in this project are composed of various combinations of mechanical, electrical, and computer systems engineering students, Design project topics are selected to cover mechatronic concepts that force students toward mechatronic design solutions, After gears of experience, it is now possible to draw some conclusions and report on the concept and implementation of the multidisciplinary IVDS (MIVDS) project. One important conclusion is that a strong combination of institutional support and multidisciplinary faculty commitment is required for project initiation. Success in MIVDS is highly dependent on well-defined project specifications, a single source of project information, incentives for students to participate, travel to participating countries, a balanced team structure, common design and productivity tools, 24-hour access to MIVDS facilities, and participation by all students in the manufacturing phase of the project.


Online studio in the industrial design education: the implications of kibis as the organizational communication and knowledge management system
Akar, Evren; Turhan, Senem; Özgen Koçyıldırım, Dalsu; Coskun, Aykut; Oraklibel, Renk Dimli (2012-02-11)
In order to explore the potentials of Computer Supported Collaborative Learning and Collaborative Design systems for industrial design education curriculum, the Department of Industrial Design at the Middle East Technical University has developed an online design studio called KIBIS. This paper will present the findings of a study in which KIBIS has been implemented within the context of a first year design studio project. In this process, questionnaires with students and semi-structured interviews with tut...
The position of three-dimensional modeling and visualization techniques in industrial design education
COŞKUN, MERVE; Akiner, Dilem (2012-05-04)
The purpose of this research is to determine the position of three-dimensional modeling and digital visualization within the scope of concept and product development process in the undergraduate education in Middle East Technical University Faculty of Architecture Department of Industrial Design, designate the problems that the students encounter during the integration of these methods to the design process, and finally question how these methods can be incorporated into design education in order to influen...
The Role of User Research in Design Process in Product Design Education
Yavuz, Cemil; Yalman Yıldırım, Zeynep (2017-08-01)
Building product usage scenario of products, building product-user relationship, thinking like users and empathizing with users are the most frequently encountered problems in project-based studio courses in current undergraduate education of Industrial Design and Industrial Product Design departments in Turkey.In this research, undergraduate second and third year programs of Industrial Design departments of 13 different universities in Turkey are examined. Learning outcomes, contents and objectives of the ...
Learning about others: Developing an interdisciplinary approach in design education
Demir, Özümcan; Kaygan, Pınar (2017-06-09)
Recently we witness a rising interest in interdisciplinary collaboration in both industrial design and engineering education. Since developing technology and innovation invites more complex design problems that are usually beyond the professional skills and competences of a single person, learning how to work in interdisciplinary teams becomes a central concern within the undergraduate programs of these fields. With the aim of contributing to interdisciplinary design education, this paper explores a fourwee...
Concept development for vehicle design education projects carried out in collaboration with industry
Börekçi, Naz Ayşe Güzide Z.; Kaygan, Pınar; Hasdoğan, Gülay Fatma (Elsevier BV; 2016-06-17)
This paper describes the concept development process of three vehicle design team projects carried out in successive years in our fourth year undergraduate studio course, in collaboration with industry. The problem areas for all three projects were unfamiliar to student teams, and our collaboration required close involvement of the firms, for their technical expertise and design feedback. Our framework and strategies for this process involved: user research conducted in the field; group discussions for anal...
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