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A spectral collocation algorithm for two-point boundary value problem in fiber Raman amplifier equations

Tarman, Işık Hakan
Berberoglu, Halil
A novel algorithm implementing Chebyshev spectral collocation (pseudospectral) method in combination with Newton's method is proposed for the nonlinear two-point boundary value problem (BVP) arising in solving propagation equations in fiber Raman amplifier. Moreover, an algorithm to train the known linear solution for use as a starting solution for the Newton iteration is proposed and successfully implemented. The exponential accuracy obtained by the proposed Chebyshev pseudospectral method is demonstrated on a case of the Raman propagation equations with strong nonlinearities. This is in contrast to algebraic accuracy obtained by typical solvers used in the literature. The resolving power and the efficiency of the underlying Chebyshev grid are demonstrated in comparison to a known BVP solver.