Suppressed Hysteretic Field Emission From Polymer Encapsulated Silver Nanowires

Cole, Matthew T.
Parmee, Richard J.
Hiralal, Pritesh
CEPEK, Cinzia
Robertson, Alexander W.
LI, Chi
DAI, Qing
Warner, Jamie H.
Milne, William I.
Ünalan, Hüsnü Emrah
Suppression of the hysteretic electron emission in one-dimensional nanomaterial-based electron sources remains a critical barrier preventing their wide scale adoption in various vacuum electronics applications. Here, we report on the suppressed hysteretic performance, and its photo-dependence from conformal poly-vinylpyrrolidone encapsulated percolative Ag nanowire-based electron sources.


Comparative study on surface enhanced raman scattering activity of various silver nanostructures
Demirtaş, Özge; Bek, Alpan; Taşgın, Mehmet Emre; Department of Physics (2017)
In this work, the effect of the strong field enhancement generated in the near field of metal nanoparticles and nanowires was investigated by taking advantage of the plasmon frequencies induced by Raman laser light stimulation of free conduction electrons of these metal nanostructures. Small number of molecules that are either bound to these nanostructures or located up to a few nanometers away from the nanostructures can be detected easily through strong electromagnetic field enhancement. The aim of this w...
Tuning the electron beam evaporation parameters for the production of hole and electron transport layers for perovskite solar cells
Coşar, Mustafa Bura; Özenbaş, Ahmet Macit; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2019)
This study evaluates the use of electron beam evaporation technique for the deposition of electron and hole transport layers for perovskite solar cells where cell productions were performed in n-i-p structure. NiO and TiO layers were studied for hole transport layer and TiO2 and Nb2O5 layers were deposited for electron transport purposes. To optimize the suitable evaporation parameters for efficient perovskite cell production, single layers of each material were deposited at different conditions of oxygen f...
Energy spectrum of a 2D Dirac oscillator in the presence of a constant magnetic field and an antidot potential
Akçay, Hüseyin; Sever, Ramazan (2016-07-04)
We investigate the energy spectrum and the corresponding eigenfunctions of a 2D Dirac oscillator confined by an antidot potential in the presence of a magnetic field and Aharonov-Bohm flux field. Analytical solutions are obtained and compared with the results of the Schrodinger equation found in the literature. Further, the dependence of the spectrum on the magnetic quantum number and on the repulsive potential is discussed.
Stable, self-ballasting field emission from zinc oxide nanowires grown on an array of vertically aligned carbon nanofibers
Li, C.; Zhang, Y.; Mann, M.; Hiralal, P.; Ünalan, Hüsnü Emrah; Lei, W.; Wang, B. P.; Chu, D. P.; Pribat, D.; Amaratunga, G. A. J.; Milne, W. I. (AIP Publishing, 2010-04-05)
A structure composed of zinc oxide nanowires (ZNWs) grown hydrothermally on an array of vertically aligned carbon nanofibers (CNFs) was fabricated and its field emission properties determined and compared with bare CNF arrays. The combination produced a macroscopic turn-on field of 1.2 V/mu m which was found to be the lowest reported from ZNWs deposited on a two-dimensional substrate and much less than the equivalent CNFs array (5.2 V/mu m). Crucially, field emission was found to be much more stable at high...
Terahertz mobility measurements on poly-3-hexylthiophene films: Device comparison, molecular weight, and film processing effects
Esentürk, Okan; Heilweil, Edwin J. (2008-01-15)
We directly compare relative carrier mobilities in semiconducting organic polymer films measured using noncontact optical pump terahertz (THz) probe spectroscopy to those reported in electrical device studies. Relative transient signal amplitude measurements of photoinjected carrier mobility as a function of poly-3-hexylthiophene (P3HT) molecular weight correlate directly with electrical device test values, indicating that the THz method shows promise as a rapid material screening approach. We also present ...
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