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B decays in an asymmetric left-right model

Frank, Mariana
Hayreter, Alper
Turan, İsmail
Motivated by recently observed disagreements with the standard model predictions in B decays, we study b -> d, s transitions in an asymmetric class of SU(2)(L) x SU(2)(R) x U(1)(B-L) models, with a simple one-parameter structure of the right-handed mixing matrix for the quarks, which obeys the constraints from kaon physics. We use experimental constraints on the branching ratios of b -> s gamma, b -> ce (nu) over bar (e), and B-d,s(0) - (B) over barB(d,s)(0) mixing to restrict the parameters of the model: g(R)/g(L), M-W2, MH+, tan beta as well as the elements of the right-handed quark mixing matrix V-CKM(R). We present a comparison with the more commonly used (manifest) left-right symmetric model. Our analysis exposes the parameters most sensitive to b transitions and reveals a large parameter space where left-and right-handed quarks mix differently, opening the possibility of observing marked differences in behavior between the standard model and the left-right model.