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Physical–chemical hybrid transiency: A fully transient li-ion battery based on insoluble active materials

CHEN, Yuanfen
JAMSHIDI, Reihaneh
WHITE, Kathryn
Çınar, Simge
HASHEMI, Nastaran
Montazami, Reza
Transient Li-ion batteries based on polymeric constituents are presented, exhibiting a twofold increase in the potential and approximately three orders of magnitude faster transiency rate compared to other transient systems reported in the literature. The battery takes advantage of a close variation of the active materials used in conventional Li-ion batteries and can achieve and maintain a potential of >2.5 V. All materials are deposited form polymer-based emulsions and the transiency is achieved through a hybrid approach of redispersion of insoluble, and dissolution of soluble components in approximately 30 min. The presented proof of concept has paramount potentials in military and hardware security applications.