Role of system architecture in architecture in developing new drafting tools

In this study, the impact of information technologies in architectural design process is discussed. In this discussion, first the differences/nuances between the concept of software engineering and system architecture are clarified. Then, the design process in engineering, and design process in architecture has been compared by considering 3-D models as the center of design process over which the other disciplines involve the design. It is pointed out that in many high-end engineering applications, 3-D solid models and consequently digital mock-up concept has become a common practice. But, architecture as one of the important customers of CAD systems employing these tools has not started to use these 3-D models. It is shown that the reason of this time lag between architecture and engineering lies behind the tradition of design attitude. Therefore, it is proposed a new design scheme a meta-model to develop an integrated design model being centered on 3-D model. It is also proposed a system architecture to achieve the transformation of architectural design process by replacing 2-D thinking with 3-D thinking. It is stated that in the proposed system architecture, the CAD systems are included and adapted for 3-D architectural design in order to provide interfaces for integration of all possible disciplines to design process. It is also shown that such a change will allow to elaborate the intelligent or smart building concept in future.

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A. Sorguç, “Role of system architecture in architecture in developing new drafting tools,” JSME INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL SERIES C-MECHANICAL SYSTEMS MACHINE ELEMENTS AND MANUFACTURING, vol. 48, no. 2, pp. 244–250, 2005, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: