Birtürk, Ayşe Nur
EREN, Sinan
Security of the energy supply is an important topic in energy field. It has two parts which are supply and demand. To ensure that demand is met, the supply at the specific time points has to be known or predicted. Supply is predicted by use of seasonal, yearly and regional information. The streamflow dataset resolution is monthly and it supplies the yearly and seasonal information. The only missing part for supply prediction is the regional information. The aim of this study to find the basin based regional clustering of the streams and correspondingly hydroelectric power plants. In this paper, 14 out of 26 basins of Turkey, which contain over 80% of the hydroelectric power plants of Turkey in Dispatcher Information System, are clustered by use of different clustering techniques. Results are visualized on Turkey basin map.


Energy consumption and GDP: causality relationship in G-7 countries and emerging markets
Soytaş, Uğur; Sarı, Ramazan (2003-01-01)
The causality relationship between energy consumption and income is a well-studied topic in energy economics. This paper studies the time series properties of energy consumption and GDP and reexamines the causality relationship between the two series in the top 10 emerging markets-excluding China due to lack of data-and G-7 countries. We discover bi-directional causality in Argentina, causality running from GDP to energy consumption in Italy and Korea, and from energy consumption to GDP in Turkey, France, G...
Multiple objective energy and environmental policy analysis
Yıldız, Şahan; Köksalan, Murat; Department of Industrial Engineering (2015)
Energy policy research studies need to consider several objectives since the energy sector is closely related with economy, environmental quality, and supply security. Before 70s, studies were based on a one-way relationship between the energy sector and the economy, and they tried to estimate energy demand given the level of economic activity. However, the Arabic oil embargo, which doubled the energy prices, resulted in an economic crisis since energy is an intermediate good which is used in almost all pro...
Flexibility modelling of natural gas contracts: İstanbul case
Yazıcı, Caner Fuad; Kestel, Sevtap Ayşe; Kalaycı, Erkan; Department of Financial Mathematics (2016)
Natural gas is one of the main energy source in the world and plays an important role in energy demand. The liberalization process in the natural gas market has shifted the focus on the Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) which make the procurement and transportation decisions. The decisions such as the pipeline sales, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) sales, other sources of natural gas procurement, transportation and storage opportunities provide the LDCs an opportunity to trade the natural gas in a least-costs...
Numerical comparison and sizing of sensible and latent thermal energy storage for compressed air energy storage
Kaya, Mine; Tarı, İlker; Baker, Derek Keıth; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2015)
Intermittent and variable characteristics of renewable energy systems can be compensated by energy storage systems (ESS). There is a wide range of ESS specialized for different applications. Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) is often used for wind power plants due to high power rating at the discharge and long discharge duration. CAES takes ambient air and pressurizes through a compressor and stores compressed air in a volume when supplied energy is greater than demand. If demand exceeds supply, CAES is ...
Analytical model for superconducting generators for wave energy systems
Bernholz, Jan; Keysan, Ozan; Mueller, MA (2016-08-20)
The objective of the research is to obtain a better understanding of the feasibility of superconducting machine concepts for wave energy systems. These topologies were previously investigated by Keysan with regards to wind energy. An optimization design tool is developed in Matlab for the electrical design of the machine types. Two case studies, namely the Archimedes Wave Swing and the Oyster wave energy converter for the double-claw pole design are applied and presented in this work. The main advantage of ...
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