Regular Polygonal and Regular Spherical Polyhedral Linkages Comprising Bennett Loops

Kiper, Goekhan
Söylemez, Eres
In this study, assemblies of Bennett loops constructing regular polygonal linkages and regular polyhedral linkages are presented. The regular polyhedral linkages, necessarily, depend on spherical polyhedral shapes. Most of the resulting linkages have single degree of freedom, but there are exceptions such as a cubic linkage.


Elastic analysis of orthotropic cylinders under different boundary conditions
Farukoğlu, Ömer Can; Eraslan, Ahmet Nedim; Department of Engineering Sciences (2016)
Analytical solutions are derived to examine the elastic responses of fixed end cylinders made of orthotropic materials. Cylinders are investigated under different boundary conditions which are internal pressure, external pressure, combined pressure and annular rotation respectively. Making use of Maxwell relations, orthotropic cylinders are transformed to isotropic ones. In order to exhibit numerical examples different orthotropic materials are used and compared. It is observed that orthotrophy slightly inf...
Fulleroid-Like Linkages
Kiper, Goekhan (2008-09-20)
The Fulleroid, discovered by K. Wohlhart, is a 48-link overconstrained spatial linkage which expands and contracts within a rhombic dodecahedral boundary. In this paper, some similar types of linkages are synthesized based on some observations on the Fulleroid. First an infinite class of 24-faced polyhedral linkages is described. Next the idea is generalized for polyhedra having rhombic faces. Then analyzing these linkages a basic closed chain is derived as a module and some dipyramidal and stellated polyhe...
Homothetic Jitterbug-like linkages
Kiper, Goekhan; Söylemez, Eres (2012-05-01)
Conformal polyhedral linkages have drawn attention of scientists and engineers since the invention of Buckminster Fuller: a highly overconstrained spatial linkage, the Jitterbug. Many studies aimed to generalize Jitterbug-like linkages have been published, however a complete classification does not yet exist. This study introduces a definition for Jitterbug-like linkages and two major assumptions and then focuses on the properties of homothetic linkages.
Solenoidal bases for numerical studies of transition in pipe flow
Tugluk, Ozan; Tarman, Işık Hakan (2010-12-01)
In this paper, solenoidal basis functions are employed in numerical studies of transition in incompressible pipe flow. The bases are formulated in terms of Legendre polynomials, which are more favorable both for the functional form of the basis functions and for the inner product integrals arising in the Galerkin projection scheme. The projection is performed onto the dual solenoidal basis set to eliminate the pressure gradient term from the governing equations. This simplifies the numerical approach to the...
Nonlinear Vibrations of Rotor-Bearing Systems Supported by Squeeze Film Dampers Due to Unbalance Excitation
Sevencan, Furkan; Ciğeroğlu, Ender; Baran, Özgür Uğraş (2021-11-01)
In this paper, nonlinear dynamic behaviors of a multi-mass flexible rotor-bearing system supported by short length Squeeze Film Damper (SFD) due to the unbalance excitation are presented. The rotordynamic model of the system is developed by using 1D Timoshenko beam elements for flexible shafts, lumped inertias for disks, linear springs and viscous dampers for bearings and structural damping for the system. The nonlinear SFD model is based on the analytical solution of Reynolds equation for open ends short l...
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