High resolution computational spectral imaging with photon sieves

Öktem, Sevinç Figen
Davila, Joseph
Photon sieves, modifications of Fresnel zone plates, are a new class of diffractive image forming devices that open up new possibilities for high resolution imaging and spectroscopy, especially at UV and x-ray regime. In this paper, we develop a novel computational photon sieve imaging modality that enables high-resolution spectral imaging. For the spatially incoherent illumination, we study the problem of recovering the individual spectral images from the superimposed and blurred measurements of the proposed photon sieve system. This inverse problem, which can be viewed as a multi frame deconvolution problem involving multiple objects, is formulated as a maximum posterior estimation problem, and solved using a fixed-point algorithm. The performance of the proposed technique is illustrated for EUV spectral imaging through numerical simulations. The results suggest that higher spatial and spectral resolution can be achieved as compared to conventional spectral imagers.
IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP)


Efficient computation of 2D point-spread functions for diffractive lenses
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Diffractive lenses, such as Fresnel zone plates, photon sieves, and their modified versions, have been of significant recent interest in high-resolution imaging applications. As the advent of diffractive lens systems with different configurations expands, the fast and accurate simulation of these systems becomes crucial for both the design and image reconstruction tasks. Here we present a fast and accurate method for computing the 2D point-spread function (PSF) of an arbitrary diffractive lens. The method i...
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Analytical Fresnel imaging models for photon sieves
Öktem, Sevinç Figen; Davila, Joseph M. (The Optical Society, 2018-11-21)
Photon sieves are a fairly new class of diffractive lenses that open unprecedented possibilities for high resolution imaging and spectroscopy, especially at short wavelengths such as UV and x-rays. In this paper, we model and analyze the image formation process of photon sieves using Fourier optics. We derive closed-form Fresnel imaging models that relate an input object to the image formed by a photon sieve system, both for coherent and incoherent illumination. These analytical models also provide a closed...
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