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The exclusive B -> (K, K*)l(+)l(-) decays in a CP softly broken two Higgs doublet model

We study the differential branching ratio, forward-backward asymmetry, CP-violating asymmetry, CP-violating asymmetry in the forward-backward asymmetry and polarization asymmetries in the B --> Kl(+)l(-) and B --> K*l(+)l(-) decays in the context of a CP softly broken two Higgs doublet model. We analyze the dependencies of these observables on the model parameters by paying a special attention to the effects of neutral Higgs boson (NHB) exchanges and possible CP-violating effects. We find that NHB effects are quite significant for both decays. A combined analysis of above-mentioned observables seems to be very promising as a testing ground for new physics beyond the SM, especially for the existence of the CP-violating phase in the theory. (C) 2002 Published by Elsevier Science B.V.