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Relationship between Mother and Father Education and Vocational Statuses with College Students’ Sexism and Conservatism

Kuzlak, Abdulkadir
Çuvaş, Burcu
Sakallı, Nuray
This study aimed to investigate the relationship between mother and father education levels and vocational statuses with sexism and conservatism. 418 undergraduate students (229 females, 189 males; Mage = 22.31, SS = 3.3) were recruited for the study and completed questions regarding parent statuses as well as Ambivalent Sexism Inventory including hostile -benevolent sexism and General Conservatism Scale. Results showed that parent education levels and statuses were mostly negatively correlated with individuals’ hostile and benevolent sexism and conservatism. Besides, it is found that education level and statuses of both parents are more related with women hostile and benevolent sexism and conservatism compared to men. Finally, contradictions and compliances of findings with existing literature were discussed, theoretical and practical contributions were revealed, and some limitations were specified.