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The Challenges of Internationalization from Foreign and Local Students' Perspectives: The Case of Management School

Kondakçı, Yaşar
Yildirim, ALİ
The Purpose of this qualitative case study is to discern the issues pertaining to different dimensions of internationalization from the perspectives of both foreign and local students. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 22 foreign, and 13 local students. The results show that there is a dissonance between policy makers and implementers, and the students themselves on "what a truly international higher education organization" in fact is. Moreover, the results suggest that asymmetrical aims of local and foreign students endanger fulfillment of the academic, social, and Cultural rationales behind internationalization. Fulfilling the rationales of internationalization depends not only the adaptability of foreign students to local conditions but also on the priorities, choices and level of commitment of local Students, administrative staff, and faculty members to the imperatives of internationalization.