All timelike supersymmetric solutions of three-dimensional half-maximal supergravity

Moutsopoulos, George
Samtleben, Henning
Sarıoğlu, Bahtiyar Özgür
We first classify all supersymmetric solutions of the 3-dimensional half-maximal ungauged supergravity that possess a timelike Killing vector by considering their identification under the complexification of the local symmetry of the theory. It is found that only solutions that preserve 16/2(n), 1 <= n <= 3 real supersymmetries are allowed. We then classify supersymmetric solutions under the real local symmetry of the theory and we are able to solve the equations of motion for all of them. It is shown that all such solutions can be expressed as a direct sum of solutions of the integrable Liouville and SU(3) Toda systems. This completes the construction of all supersymmetric solutions of the model since the null case has already been solved.