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Supersymmetric backgrounds and black holes in N = 1 , 1 $$ \mathcal{N}=\left(1,\;1\right) $$ cosmological new massive supergravity

Alkaç, Gökhan
Basanisi, Luca
Bergshoeff, Eric A.
Devecioğlu, Deniz Olgu
Ozkan, Mehmet
Using an off-shell Killing spinor analysis we perform a systematic investigation of the supersymmetric background and black hole solutions of the N = (1, 1) Cosmological New Massive Gravity model. The solutions with a null Killing vector are the same pp-wave solutions that one finds in the N = 1 model but we find new solutions with a time-like Killing vector that are absent in the N = 1 case. An example of such a solution is a Lifshitz spacetime. We also consider the supersymmetry properties of the so-called rotating hairy BTZ black holes and logarithmic black holes in an AdS(3) background. Furthermore, we show that under certain assumptions there is no supersymmetric Lifshitz black hole solution.