Advanced Reading and Writing II

This course is a continuation of Advanced Reading and Writing I. This course promotes higher level thinking skills. By processing a variety of different authentic reading texts, students will develop superior-level sub-skills of reading namely, making inferences and deductions, and reading between the lines. Students will relate inferences from the text to real life, and gain insights into the cultural similarities and differences. By means of the awareness gained from the texts, students will analyze, synthesize and evaluate information and therefore, in their compositions, react to readings. Students will also analyze and produce different types of essays (e.g. comparison and contrast, classification, process analysis, cause-and-effect analysis, and argumentative) that are unified, coherent and organized. In addition to the integration of reading with writing, research-based instruction will be adopted, so that students will develop basic research skills including library/internet search, and basic research report writing skills such as citing, paraphrasing and referencing.
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