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Evaluation of scouring reliability at bridge abutments

Yanmaz, Ali Melih
Çelebi, Tuğsan
Serious scouring may take place around bridge abutments during floods, which can lead to considerable damage or structural collapse. Design of abutment footings must, therefore, rely on the estimation of maximum possible depth of scour through the bridge opening. Deterministic scour-prediction equations are based on simplified assumptions and they do not account for randomness of the scouring variables, which leads to an unavoidable risk in footing design. This study is concerned with the development of a new reliability model for scouring around bridge abutments using the resistance-loading methodology. The validity of the proposed model is tested using the Advanced First Order Second Moment (AFOSM) and the Monte Carlo simulations. In an example, it is shown that the results of the proposed model are in good agreement with these simulations. It is also observed that the execution of this model is less time-consuming than the latter approaches. A sensitivity analysis is carried out to examine the effects of coefficients of variation and probability distributions.