Controller synthesis for an I/O-based hierarchical system architecture

Perk, Sebastian
Moor, Thomas
Schmidt, Klaus Verner
In our previous work, a framework for the hierarchical design of discrete event systems has been introduced that is based on a notion of inputs and outputs. I/O-plant models describe the interaction of each subsystem with the operator (or controller) and the environment. By alternation of subsystem composition and controller synthesis, a hierarchy of controllers is obtained that complements a hierarchy of environment models. An admissibility condition was presented that implies liveness while allowing for abstraction-based control. In this paper, we address the according controller synthesis problem and present an algorithmic synthesis procedure that respects admissibility and yields a solution to this problem. We illustrate our statements by the conceptional application example of a transport unit.
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S. Perk, T. Moor, and K. V. Schmidt, “Controller synthesis for an I/O-based hierarchical system architecture,” 2008, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: