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Design and Analysis of a Novel Mechanism for the Morphing of Trailing Edge of an Aircraft Wing

Şahin, Harun Levent
Yaman, Yavuz
In this paper, design of a novel deployable scissor-structural mechanism (SSM) for active camber and chord morphing airfoil has been presented. The mechanism is created via combination of one four-bar linkage and various scissor-like elements (SLEs). The theory behind scissor-like elements and hierarchical design procedure are adequately explained. Following that design procedure, a scissor-structural mechanism is created in order to satisfy the desired airfoil shapes, which have different camber lines with minimum structural error. It is also possible to modify the chord length by changing the properties and types of the used SLEs. Modifying the design parameters of used SLEs, without increasing the degree-of-freedom (DOF) of the mechanism, will result in infinite number of results. With the help of error definition and developed computerroutine, the best scissor-structural mechanism which satisfy the required tasks properly can be detected.