Studies on polyether based flexible polyurethane foam by one-shor molding process.

Tokyay, Ayhan


Studies on flame reterdancy of polyacrylonitrile fiber by flame retardant monomers in cold plasma.
Gündoğan, Gülümser; Department of Chemistry (1989)
Studies on negative resistance oscillation employing feedback.
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Studies on modification of some flammability characteristics of a polyester fabric by plasma.
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Studies on blended cements containing a high volume of natural pozzolans
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This paper presents the results of an investigation on the characteristics of laboratory-produced blended portland cements containing 55% by weight volcanic tuffs from Turkey. Volcanic tuffs from two different resources were used. Using different grinding times, particle size distribution, setting time, compressive strength, and alkali-silica activity of the blended cements were investigated and compared with reference portland cements ground for the same time period. For the compressive strength test, a su...
Studies on flame retardancy of polyacrylonitrile fiber treated by flame-retardant monomers in cold plasma
Akovalı, G; Gündogan, G (Wiley, 1990)
Plasma polymer hexamethyldisiloxane, ethyldichlorophosphate and tris(butoxyethyl)phosphate modified polyacrylonitrile fibers were examined by FTIR, XRF, and SEM and the extend of flame retardancy introduced were checked. Certain levels of concentrations of flame‐retardant elements grafted or coated at the fiber surface during plasma treatment are believed to overcome some negative effects of a number of reactions that usually are concurrent with plasma polymerization, such as crosslinking.
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A. Tokyay, “Studies on polyether based flexible polyurethane foam by one-shor molding process.,” Middle East Technical University, 1967.