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SPT-based probabilistic and deterministic assessment of seismic soil liquefaction triggering hazard

Çetin, Kemal Önder
Seed, Raymond B.
Kayen, Robert E.
Moss, Robb E. S.
Bilge, Habib Tolga
Ilgaç, Makbule
Chowdhury, Khaled
This study serves as an update to the Cetin et al. (2000, 2004) [1,2] databases and presents new liquefaction triggering curves. Compared with these studies from over a decade ago, the resulting new Standard Penetration Test (SPT)-based triggering curves have shifted to slightly higher CSR-levels for a given N-1,N-60,N-cs for values of N-1,N-60,N-cs greater than 15 blows/ft, but the correlation curves remain essentially unchanged at N-1,N-60,N-cs values less than 15 blows/ft. This paper addresses the improved database and the methodologies used for the development of the updated triggering relationships. A companion paper addresses the principal issues that cause differences among three widely used SPT-based liquefaction triggering relationships.