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Estimation of Anaerobic Debromination Rate Constants of PBDE Pathways Using an Anaerobic Dehalogenation Model

İmamoğlu, İpek
This study aims to estimate anaerobic debromination rate constants (k(m)) of PBDE pathways using previously reported laboratory soil data. k(m) values of pathways are estimated by modifying a previously developed model as Anaerobic Dehalogenation Model. Debromination activities published in the literature in terms of bromine substitutions as well as specific microorganisms and their combinations are used for identification of pathways. The range of estimated k(m) values is between 0.0003 and 0.0241 d(-1). The median and maximum of k(m) values are found to be comparable to the few available biologically confirmed rate constants published in the literature. The estimated k(m) values can be used as input to numerical fate and transport models for a better and more detailed investigation of the fate of individual PBDEs in contaminated sediments. Various remediation scenarios such as monitored natural attenuation or bioremediation with bioaugmentation can be handled in a more quantitative manner with the help of k(m) estimated in this study.