Particle Velocity, Solids Hold-Up, and Solids Flux Distributions in Conical Spouted Beds Operating with Heavy Particles

Külah, Görkem
Sari, Salih
Conical spouted beds operating with high density particles have recently gained attention because of their potential use as nuclear fuel coaters for next-generation nuclear reactors. To design, scale-up, and manufacture these coaters, detailed investigation of local flow structure is of paramount importance. Therefore, in this study, local instantaneous particle velocity and solids hold-up and flux measurements were carried out in spouted beds having a wide range of cone angles (30, 45, 60) using zirconia particles (d(p) = 0.5, 1 mm; rho(p) = 6050 kg/m(3)). Effects of axial height, particle diameter, conical angle, and static bed height on local flow behavior were investigated. Comparisons were also made with the results of low-density particle studies. It is shown that particle velocity decreases and solids hold-up and flux increase along the bed height in the spout. The solids circulation is augmented as particle diameter and conical angle are decreased and static bed height is increased.