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Aerodynamic Modelling and Analysis of a Novel Mechanism for Chord and Camber Morphing Wing

Şahin, Harun Levent
Çaklr, Bora Orçun
Yaman, Yavuz
This paper presents the aerodynamic modelling and analysis of surfaces created by a novel deployable mechanism, which is composed of a four-bar linkage and a scissor-structural mechanism (SSM) which contains several scissor-like elements (SLEs). With the help of that mechanism, which is located inside the trailing portion of wing section, continuous adjustment of the airfoil is possible. In order to highlight the advantageous aerodynamic characteristics of newly created airfoil geometries via proposed SSM, several aerodynamic analyses have been performed. The flow characteristics used for the analyses are determined by the flight envelope of an intended generic UAV. Since the maximum speed range of the sample aircraft is well below Mach 0.3, incompressible flow assumption is made throughout the solutions and conservation laws of Reynolds Transport Theorem are employed.