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Numerical studies for Hall Effect Imaging using linear phased array transducer

Gözü, Mehmet Soner
Gençer, Nevzat Güneri
Hall Effect Imaging (HEI) is a method used to image conductivity distribution of a biological body. HEI benefits from the interaction of ultrasound with a static magnetic field to generate velocity current density distribution inside the body. Due to the velocity current density, a resultant voltage is sensed by electrodes attached on surface of the body and used for reconstructing the conductivity distribution. In this study, the feasibility of HEI technique using linear phased array transducer is investigated by numerical studies. A model of 16-element linear phased array transducer is used to benefit from electronic properties of directivity and steerability of linear phased array transducer. In addition, a numerical model of breast and tumor medium is formed to analyze the multiphysics solution which couples acoustics and electromagnetic fields. For image reconstruction, Truncated Singular Value Decomposition method is used with different signal-to-noise ratio values.