Sub-structure transfer matrix method for orthogonal planar frame analysis.

Acikel, Mustafa


Sub-graph approach in interative sum-product algorithm
Bayramoğlu, Muhammet Fatih; Baykal, Buyurman; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2005)
Sum-product algorithm can be employed for obtaining the marginal probability density functions from a given joint probability density function (p.d.f.). The sum-product algorithm operates on a factor graph which represents the dependencies of the random variables whose joint p.d.f. is given. The sum-product algorithm can not be operated on factor-graphs that contain loops. For these factor graphs iterative sum-product algorithm is used. A factor graph which contains loops can be divided in to loop-free sub-...
Semi-supervised dimension reduction approaches integrating global and local pattern information
Sakarya, Ufuk (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2019-02-01)
Dimension reduction is an important research area in pattern recognition. Use of both supervised and unsupervised data can be an advantage in the case of lack of labeled training data. Moreover, use of both global and local pattern information can contribute classification performances. Therefore, four important primary components are essential to design a well-performed semi-supervised dimension reduction approach: global pattern modeling by a supervised manner, local pattern modeling by a supervised manne...
Sub-micron Direct Silicon Processing by Microsphere Focused Femtosecond Infrared Laser
İdikut, Fırat; Karagöz, Burcu; Bek, Alpan (International Frequency Sensor Association (IFSA) Publishing, S. L., 2021-01-01)
Semi-Automatic Annotation For Visual Object Tracking
Köksal, Aybora; Alatan, Abdullah Aydın (2021-11-24)
We propose a semi-automatic bounding box annotation method for visual object tracking by utilizing temporal information with a tracking-by-detection approach. For detection, we use an off-the-shelf object detector which is trained iteratively with the annotations generated by the proposed method, and we perform object detection on each frame independently. We employ Multiple Hypothesis Tracking (MHT) to exploit temporal information and to reduce the number of false-positives which makes it possible to use l...
Subgrid Stabilized Defect Correction Methods for the Navier–Stokes Equations
Kaya Merdan, Songül; Rivière, Béatrice (Society for Industrial & Applied Mathematics (SIAM), 2006-1)
We consider the synthesis of a recent subgrid stabilization method with defect correction methods. The combination is particularly efficient and combines the best algorithmic features of each. We prove convergence of the method for a fixed number of corrections as the mesh size goes to zero and derive parameter scalings from the analysis. We also present some numerical tests which both verify the theoretical predictions and illustrate the method's promise
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M. Acikel, “Sub-structure transfer matrix method for orthogonal planar frame analysis.,” Middle East Technical University, 1973.