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Enhanced second harmonic generation from coupled asymmetric plasmonic metal nanostructures

Yıldız, Bilge Can
Taşgın, Mehmet Emre
Abak, Musa Kurtuluş
Coskun, Sahin
Ünalan, Hüsnü Emrah
Bek, Alpan
We experimentally demonstrate that two coupled metal nanostructures (MNSs), a silver nanowire and bipyramid, can produce similar to 30 times enhanced second harmonic generation compared to the particles alone. We develop a simple theoretical model, presenting the path interference effects in the nonlinear response of coupled MNSs. We show that the reason for such an enhancement can be the occurrence of a Fano resonance due to the coupling of the converter MNS to the long-lived mode of the attached MNS.