A study on waste stabilization ponds for Turkey.

Kaya, Saffet


A Study on flood management practices for Güzelyurt
Şahin, Erdal; Yanmaz, A Melih; Akıntuğ, Bertuğ; Department of Civil Engineering (2012)
This study deals with the investigation of characteristics of a flash flood and development of design of flood mitigation facilities occurred in Güzelyurt in North Cyprus on 18th of January, 2010 and development of design of flood mitigation facilities. Hydrologic and hydraulic modeling of this flood event has been utilized to develop solutions for preventing the region from the flood. Topographical maps and soil properties are used in hydrological modeling. The data are inserted into a geographical informa...
A study on water transmission line route optimization and water distribution system zoning.
Doğruyol, Timur; Department of Civil Engineering (1975)
A study on solar thermal energy storage devices.
Ergin, Şakir; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1985)
A study on quality improvements for oxidation pond effluents by rock filters.
Oran, Banu; Sürücü, Gülerman; Department of Environmental Engineering (1993)
A study for investment decisions in mass housing construction in Turkey.
Bora, Tahsin; Erant, Engin; Şahmalı, A. Erkan; Department of Civil Engineering (1989)
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S. Kaya, “A study on waste stabilization ponds for Turkey.,” Middle East Technical University, 1973.