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Weight function for a single edge cracked geometry with clamped ends

John, Reji
Kaldon, Stephen G.
Johnson, David A.
Çöker, Demirkan
A single edge cracked geometry with clamped ends is well suited for fracture toughness and fatigue crack growth testing of composites and thin materials. Analysis of fiber bridging phenomenon in the composites and determination of stress intensity factors due to non-uniform stress distributions such as residual and thermal stresses generally require the use of a weight function. This paper describes the development and verification of a weight function for the single edge cracked geometry with clamped ends. Finite element analyses were conducted to determine the stress intensity factors (K) and crack opening displacements (COD) due to different types of stress distributions. The weight function was developed using the K and COD solution for a constant stress distribution. K and COD predicted using this weight function correlated well with the finite element results for non-uniform crack surface stress distributions.