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Stress intensity factor and compliance solutions for a single edge notched specimen with clamped ends

Blatt, Drew
John, Reji
Çöker, Demirkan
A single edge notched geometry [SE(T)] with clamped ends is well suited for fracture toughness and fatigue crack growth testing of composites. Closed form expressions for the stress intensity factor and the compliance for an SE(T) with clamped ends were developed using finite element analysis. Using these expressions, automated crack growth tests were conducted on a monolithic Ti-1100 and a [90]8 SCS-6/Ti-24Al-l 1Nb composite. The crack growth behavior, characterized in terms of the crack growth rate versus the applied stress intensity factor range, correlated well with available data obtained using the compact tension geometry. The results of this investigation indicate that the SE(T) geometry with clamped ends can be successfully used for fracture and fatigue crack growth testing of monolithic and composite specimens.