Health policy in Turkey

Özen, Yelda


Health indicators in Turkey
Evirgen, Özgü; Akder, Halis; Department of Economics (2000)
Health care policies in central and eastern european countries and european integration: competing approaches
Güzel, Safinaz; Yalman, Osman Galip; Department of European Studies (2009)
The objective of this thesis is to examine the nature of health care system change in the Czech Republic and Hungary after the collapse of communism. In order to do so, the thesis focuses mainly on Europeanization and New Institutionalism as competing approaches in explaining domestic changes in Central and Eastern European Countries. While doing so, first this study tries to explore whether Europeanization is one of the main determinants in the transition process of the health care systems of the Czech Rep...
Health Informatics
Baykal, Nazife (2004-01-01)
Health problems among UN refugees at a family medical centre in Ankara, Turkey
Yaman, H; Kut, A; Yaman, A; Ungan, M (Informa UK Limited, 2002-06-01)
Objectives - Political lability in the Near East has brought about the migration of refugees from adjacent countries to Turkey in recent years. To provide an effective health service for refugees, a needs assessment has to be done. UN refugees referring to a family medical centre located in Ankara, Turkey, were therefore investigated for health problems.
Health sector restructuring in Turkey : the impact of neoliberal policies and european union membership candidacy; reasons, results and repercussions
Uluskaradağ, Özge; Süral, Ayşe Nurhan; Department of European Studies (2011)
This thesis aims to analyze the inner dynamics as well as the outcomes of the health sector restructuring process in Turkey, by focusing on Neo-Liberal transformation, New Public Management practices and European Integration process. The thesis argues that health reform process along with other public sector reforms have been initiated by Neo-Liberalism as the new face of institutional and structural arrangements during 1980s. Within that process, it is underlined that New Public Management approach with it...
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Y. Özen, “Health policy in Turkey,” Middle East Technical University, 2000.