Differential expressions and functions of phosphodiesterase enzymes in different regions of the rat heart

Cenik, Basar
Güray, Nülüfer Tülün
Phosphodiesterase enzymes (PDEs) are responsible for the adjustment of cyclic nucleotide levels. Alterations in PDE expressions in different tissues cause conflicts between functional and clinical effects of PDE inhibitors. Therefore, the aim of this study was to investigate the gene and protein expressions and the functional role of PDEs in atrium and ventricle of rat heart The expressions of PDEs were examined in cardiac intact tissues and enzymatically isolated cells. The effects of PDE1-5 inhibitors (vinpocetine, EHNA, milrinone, rolipram, sildenafil, and IBMX) on basal and isoprenaline-stimulated contractions and sinus rate were recorded in the isolated spontaneously beating right atrium and electrically stimulated left papillary muscles. The mRNA and protein levels of PDEs were significantly different in atrial and ventricular intact tissues and isolated myocytes. Atrial contractions were increased with vinpocetine while suppressed by EHNA, milrinone, rolipram, sildenafil and IBMX. Milrinone, sildenafil and IBMX increased the heart rate whereas vinpocetine caused negative chronotropy. Papillary muscle contractions have been increased only with the vinpocetine and IBMX. Both the expression and the action of PDE-1-5 show atrial and ventricular differences. Therefore, these differences should be taken into account in the experimental or therapeutic approaches of the heart.

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M. K. DERİCİ, G. SADİ, B. Cenik, N. T. Güray, and E. DEMİREL YILMAZ, “Differential expressions and functions of phosphodiesterase enzymes in different regions of the rat heart,” EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY, vol. 844, pp. 118–129, 2019, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/39576.