Noncommutative Q-lumps

Q-lumps associated with the noncommutative CP(N) model in 2+1 dimensions are constructed. These are solitonic configurations which are time dependent and rotate with constant angular frequency. Energy of the Q-lumps is E=2 pi k+alpha|Q|, and we find that in a regime in which the noncommutativity parameter theta is related to the moduli determining the size of the lumps, it can be viewed to depend on theta via the Noether charge Q. We present a collective coordinate-type analysis signalling that CP(1) Q-lumps remain stable under small radiative perturbations.


Universal extra dimensions and Kaluza-Klein bound states
Carone, CD; Conroy, JM; Sher, M; Turan, İsmail (American Physical Society (APS), 2004-04-01)
We study the bound states of the Kaluza-Klein (KK) excitations of quarks in certain models of universal extra dimensions. Such bound states may be detected at future lepton colliders in the cross section for the pair production of KK quarks near threshold. For typical values of model parameters, we find that "KK quarkonia" have widths in the 10-100 MeV range, and production cross sections of the order of a few picobarns for the lightest resonances. Two body decays of the constituent KK quarks lead to distin...
Non Linear Sigma Model on the Fuzzy Supersphere
Kürkcüoğlu, Seçkin (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2004-03-01)
In this note we develop fuzzy versions of the supersymmetric non-linear sigma model on the supersphere S-(2,S-2). In [1] Bott projectors have been used to obtain the fuzzy CP1 model. Our approach utilizes the use of supersymmetric extensions of these projectors. Here we obtain these (super) -projectors and quantize them in a fashion similar to the one given in [1]. We discuss the interpretation of the resulting model as a finite dimensional matrix model.
CP-odd phase effects in a left-right symmetric chargino sector
Frank, M; Turan, İsmail; de Ona, AD (American Physical Society (APS), 2005-10-01)
The left-right supersymmetric model contains a right-handed gaugino, as well as several Higgsinos, in addition to the minimal supersymmetric model. Thus several CP-noninvariant phases appear in this sector. We analyze their impact on chargino masses and find that only two combinations are physically relevant. We then study the production of charginos in e(+)e(-) annihilation and chargino decays into a sneutrino and a lepton, and investigate the effects of CP-phases. We also study the CP-odd asymmetry in the...
Noncommutative nonlinear sigma models and integrability
Kürkcüoğlu, Seçkin (American Physical Society (APS), 2008-09-01)
We first review the result that the noncommutative principal chiral model has an infinite tower of conserved currents and discuss the special case of the noncommutative CP1 model in some detail. Next, we focus our attention to a submodel of the CP1 model in the noncommutative spacetime A(theta)(R2+1). By extending a generalized zero-curvature representation to A(theta)(R2+1) we discuss its integrability and construct its infinitely many conserved currents. A supersymmetric principal chiral model with and wi...
On the collisional damping of giant dipole resonance
Yılmaz, Osman; Yildirim, S; Ayik, S (Elsevier BV, 2000-01-20)
Collisional damping widths of giant dipole excitations are calculated in Thomas-Fermi approximation by employing the microscopic in-medium cross-sections of Li and Machleidt and the phenomenological Gogny force. The results obtained in both calculations compare well, but account for about 25-35% of the observed widths in Sn-120 and (208)pb at finite temperatures. (C) 2000 Published by Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.
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