An Electromagnetic Micro-Power Generator for Low Frequency Vibrations with Tunable Resonance

This paper presents an electromagnetic (EM) micro-power generator with tunable resonance frequency which can harvest energy from low frequency environmental vibrations. The reported power generator up-converts low frequency environmental vibrations before mechanical-to-electrical energy conversion by utilizing two diaphragms with different resonance frequencies. Power is generated through electromagnetic induction by a magnet attached to the low frequency diaphragm, and a 50 turn, 2.1 Omega coil, and a magnetic piece on the high frequency diaphragm. Both of the diaphragms are fixed to a common frame via rubber springs, which makes the resonance frequency of each diaphragm tunable. The fabricated prototype generates 5.2 mV and 3.21 mu W RMS power by up-converting 13 Hz, 7.5 mm peak-to-peak vibrations to 200 Hz. Tunability of the resonance frequency is experimentally verified by operating the same device at 2-30 Hz external vibrations.
25th Eurosensors Conference


An electromagnetic energy harvesting system for low frequency applications with a passive interface ASIC in standard CMOS
Rahimi, Arian; Zorlu, Ozge; Muhtaroglu, Ali; Külah, Haluk (2012-12-01)
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An electromagnetic micro power generator for low-frequency environmental vibrations
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