A novel integrated process for the functionalization of methane and ethane: bromine as mediator

Lorkovic, IM
Yılmaz, Ayşen
Yilmaz, GA
Zhou, XP
Laverman, LE
Sun, SL
Schaefer, DJ
Weiss, M
Noy, ML
Cutler, CI
Sherman, JH
McFarland, EW
Stucky, GD
Ford, PC
We describe a novel, integrated multi-step process for the partial oxidation of alkanes to alcohols, ethers or olefins using O-2 as oxidant. The sequential transformations are (1) alkane bromination to alkyl bromide(s) and HBr, (2) reaction of this mixture with solid metal oxide (MO) to neutralize the HBr and to generate oxygenated products or olefins plus solid metal bromide, and (3) oxidation of the spent solid with 02 to regenerate the metal oxide and Br-2 for reuse.