Trends in activity location in metropolitan subcenters; A case study: Locational trends of service activities in Tunalı Hilmi suncenter.

Cülcüloğlu, H. Göksel


Trends in Housing Markets During the Covid-19 Pandemic
Özdemir Sarı, Özgül Burcu (2021-10-01)
Trends in Eye Tracking Scanpaths: Segmentation Effect?
Eraslan, Sukru; Yesilada, Yeliz; Harper, Simon (2016-07-13)
Eye tracking has been widely used to investigate user interactions with the Web to improve user experience. In our previous work, we developed an algorithm called Scanpath Trend Analysis (STA) that analyses eye movement sequences (i.e., scanpaths) of multiple users on a web page and identifies their most commonly followed path in terms of the visual elements of the page. These visual elements are mainly the segments of a page generated by automated segmentation approaches. In our previous work, we also show...
Changes in total protein profiles of barley cultivars in response to toxic boron concentration
Mahboobi, H; Yucel, M; Öktem, Hüseyin Avni (2000-01-01)
In this study, ten-day-old seedlings of barley {Hordeum vulgare L. cultivar Anadolu [boron (B)-tolerant] and Hamidiye (B-sensitive)} were used. Boron-treated plants were grown on H3BO3 solution (final concentration of 10 mM) for five days. Control plants received no B treatment during this period. Total protein patterns were obtained by analysis of total protein extract from root and leaf tissues of control and B-treated plants using two-dimensional gel electrophoresis followed by silver staining. The prote...
Patterns of Productivity Growth and the Wage Cycle in Turkish Manufacturing
Voyvoda, Ebru (2001-10-01)
In this paper we investigate the distributional consequences of the post-1980 accumulation patterns and technological change in the Turkish manufacturing industries. We utilise two quantitative techniques. First, we make use of the Hodrick±Prescott filter to disintegrate the cyclical variations in productivity growth and wage rates from their respective historical trends, and study the evolution of the wage cycle against the long term productivity patterns in the sector. Next, we decompose the fundamental c...
Trends and predictors of alcohol use among undergraduate female students
Ozegovic, JJ; Bikos, LH; Szymanski, DM (2001-09-01)
The purpose of this study was to examine drinking patterns of female college students and specifically, evaluate the contributions of age, sorority membership, emotional pain, and peer acceptance on both frequency and quantity, of alcohol consumption using a stratified random sample of females undergraduate students at a large midwestern university. Participants were 248 women ranging in age from 18-23. Freshmen accounted for 29% of the sample, 24% sophomores, 26% juniors, 18% seniors, and 3% fifth year stu...
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H. G. Cülcüloğlu, “Trends in activity location in metropolitan subcenters; A case study: Locational trends of service activities in Tunalı Hilmi suncenter.,” Middle East Technical University, 1983.