Özgüven, Hasan Nevzat
A finite element model of a geared rotor system on flexible bearings has been developed. The model includes the rotary inertia of shaft elements, the axial loading on shafts, flexibility and damping of bearings, material damping of shafts and the stiffness and the damping of gear mesh. The coupling between the torsional and transverse vibrations of gears were considered in the model. A constant mesh stiffness was assumed. The analysis procedure can be used for forced vibration analysis of geared rotors by calculating the critical speeds and determining the response of any point on the shafts to mass unbalances, geometric eccentricities of gears, and displacement transmission error excitation at the mesh point. The dynamic mesh forces due to these excitations can also be calculated. The model has been applied to several systems for the demonstration of its accuracy and for studying the effect of bearing compliances on system dynamics.


Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of a Spiral Bevel Geared System
Yavuz, Siar Deniz; Saribay, Zihni Burcay; Ciğeroğlu, Ender (2017-02-02)
A nonlinear dynamic model of a spiral bevel gear train mounted on flexible shafts and bearings is proposed in this study. The finite element model of shafts is combined with a three-dimensional discrete mesh model of a spiral bevel gear pair. Bearing flexibilities are as well included in the model. Gear backlash is incorporated into the model in the form of clearance-type displacement functions and clearance nonlinearity and stiffness fluctuations of the bearings are neglected. A time-invariant mesh stiffne...
Nonlinear dynamic analysis of a drivetrain composed of cylindrical gears, straight and spiral bevel gears
Yavuz, Şiar Deniz; Ciğeroğlu, Ender; Sarıbay, Zihni Burçay; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2018)
A nonlinear dynamic model of a drivetrain composed of spur, helical and spiral bevel gears is proposed. Gear shafts are modeled by using Timoshenko beam finite element method and mesh models of gear pairs are used to couple them. Dynamic model includes the flexibilities of bearings as well. Gear backlash and time variation of mesh stiffness are incorporated into the mesh model. Harmonic Balance Method (HBM) with multiple harmonics is applied on the system of nonlinear differential equations in order to obta...
Dynamic modeling of high precision servo systems with gear backlash
Yumrukçal, Zafer; Söylemez, Eres; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2013)
Although the mechanical solutions, like spring preloaded hinge mechanism, compensate for backlash in servo drive systems with high precision positioning requirement, these solutions may not be preferred because of their drawbacks like high friction forces/torques and diminished life cycles for mating gears. Besides, the use regular gear meshes could be enforced by any reason, like cost efficiency or simplicity of the solution. On such occasions, to maintain performance requirements like high positioning acc...
Nonlinear vibration analysis of bladed disks with dry friction dampers
Ciğeroğlu, Ender; Özgüven, Hasan Nevzat (2006-08-22)
in this work, a new model is proposed for the vibration analysis of turbine blades with dry friction dampers. The aim of the study is to develop a multiblade model that is accurate and yet easy to be analyzed so that it can be used efficiently in the design of friction dampers. The suggested nonlinear model for a bladed disk assembly includes all the blades with blade to blade and/or blade to cover plate dry friction dampers. An important feature of the model is that both macro-slip and micro-slip models ar...
Nonlinear modeling and vibration analysis of horizontal drum type washing machines
Baykal, Cem; Yazıcıoğlu, Yiğit; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2019)
Nonlinear two and three-dimensional dynamical models for horizontal drum type washing machines are developed considering rotating unbalance type excitation. Nonlinear differential equations of motion are converted into a set of nonlinear algebraic equations by using the Harmonic Balance Method (HBM). The resulting nonlinear algebraic equations are solved by using Newton’s method with arc-length continuation. Several case studies are performed in order to observe the effects of orientation angles of springs ...
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A. KAHRAMAN, H. N. Özgüven, D. HOUSER, and J. ZAKRAJSEK, “DYNAMIC ANALYSIS OF GEARED ROTORS BY FINITE-ELEMENTS,” JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL DESIGN, pp. 507–514, 1992, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/40836.