Anisotropy of electrical resistivity and hole mobility in InTe single crystals

The temperature dependences of the electrical resistivity and Hall mobility of p-type InTe chain single crystals in parallel and perpendicular directions to c-axis have been investigated in the temperature range of 28-260 K. The high anisotropy between rho(parallel to) and rho(perpendicular to) which depends on temperature is attributed to high concentration of stacking faults due to weak interchain bonding. The mobility parallel to c-axis was found to vary with temperature as mu proportional to T-n where n = -0.6 due to hole scattering on polar optical phonons. The mobility perpendicular to c-axis above 140 K increases with temperature exponentially with an activation energy of 0.03 eV which is attributed to the hopping mechanism due to the barriers between the chains.

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M. Parlak, C. Ercelebi, İ. Günal, H. ÖZKAN, and N. Hasanlı, “Anisotropy of electrical resistivity and hole mobility in InTe single crystals,” CRYSTAL RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY, vol. 31, no. 5, pp. 673–678, 1996, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: