Recovery of the borax in the waste sludge of kırka tincal concentrator of Etibank.

Çelik, İ. Attila


Recovery of cobalt from pyrite concentrate of Ergani copper works by flotation.
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In this study, a bastnaesite type rare earth ore located in Beylikahir in Turkey was used. The total rare earth oxide (REO) content of the deposit is estimated to be 1 million tons with an average concentration of 3.42%REO. The rare earths are contained in bastnaesite mineral. The other constituents of the ore are calcium fluoride (52.5%), barite (25.4%), calcite (2.8%) and minor amounts of thorium, etc. The bastnaesite mineral occurs either as cement material between fluoride and barite particles or is int...
Recovery of germanium and other metals from the leach residue of Çinkur
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İ. A. Çelik, “Recovery of the borax in the waste sludge of kırka tincal concentrator of Etibank.,” Middle East Technical University, 1976.