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Performance assessment of a bentonite-sand mixture for nuclear waste isolation at the potential Akkuyu Nuclear Waste Disposal Site, southern Turkey

Akgün, Haluk
Ada, Mahir
Kockar, Mustafa Kerem
This study assesses the geotechnical performance of a compacted bentonite-sand mixture with a bentonite content ranging from 15 to 30 % by weight to be used as a material component in a waste sealing system. Geotechnical laboratory tests such as compaction, falling head permeability, swelling, unconfined compression and shear strength tests were conducted to select an optimum mixture which eventually led to a recommendation to select an optimum bentonite-sand mixture possessing a bentonite content of 30 % for the isolation of underground waste disposal facilities. Bentonite-sand seal design was performed for the optimum seal selected as a function of the axial stress applied to the seal and seal length-to-radius ratio.