Characterization of different base binary oil mixtures.

Kayam, Çetin


Characterization of TiO2 thin films prepared by sol-gel processing.
Kaya, Özlem; Özenbaş, Macit; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2002)
Characterization of rapidly solidified Al-Fe-V-Si alloy powders
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Characterization of vacuum deposited p-Inse thin films and schotthy barrier diodes.
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Characterization of micronsized poly (Ethylene terephthalate)filled high density polyethylene composites
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Characterization of BPN Pyrotechnic Composition Containing Micro- and Nanometer-Sized Boron Particles
Koc, Suzan; Ulaş, Abdullah; Yilmaz, Nil Ezgi (Wiley, 2015-10-01)
The effect of micro- and nanometer-sized boron particles on boron-potassium nitrate (BPN) ignition composition was investigated in this paper. As a starting point, thermochemical calculations were made to determine the most promising ignition compositions. Both stoichiometric and fuel-rich formulations of BPN were produced to observe the performance variation due to boron content. Particle morphology of boron particles and the surface structure of the ignition compositions were investigated by SEM. The infl...
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Ç. Kayam, “Characterization of different base binary oil mixtures.,” Middle East Technical University, 1976.