Place presence, social presence, co-presence, and satisfaction in virtual worlds

This study investigated the relationship among three types of presences, including place presence, social presence, and co-presence in virtual worlds and their relationship with satisfaction and immersive tendencies of students. Students' scores on a subjective questionnaire were analyzed. The results indicated that there was a significant relationship among the place presence, social presence, and co-presence. While social presence seemed to affect the satisfaction most, place and co-presence also affected students' satisfaction in the virtual world. Moreover, immersive tendencies of the students were related to their place and co-presence but not to their social presence. Findings highlighted the important issues for the design of virtual world environments to increase presence and satisfaction of students.


Acceptance of virtual worlds as learning space
Tokel, Saniye Tuğba (Informa UK Limited, 2015-05-04)
This study investigated relationships among perceived usefulness (PU), ease of use and perceived enjoyment, plus their relationships with the behavioural intention (BI) of individuals to use virtual worlds as a learning space. Participant responses to a questionnaire were analysed, and results indicated that while PU seemed to affect BIs most, perceived enjoyment (PE) and ease of use also played a role. Moreover, PE and ease of use also affected PU. Namely, if students found a virtual world enjoyable and ea...
Alpsoy, Zeynep Eda; Engin Demir, Cennet; Department of Curriculum and Instruction (2022-3)
This study aims to investigate student experiences, satisfaction, and the relationship between these two dimensions during the online language learning process at a preparatory school. Student experiences are examined with a focus on instructor support, peer relations, technical support and course activities and materials. Additionally, learner characteristics, such as gender, employment status, language level, achievement, prior online learning experiences, issues experienced in online learning and their r...
Perceived benefits of three-way observation on the focal areas of abjectives of the activities, error-correction techniques and group-work in study conducted in an upper-intermediate class at Bilkent University school of English Language
Uçan, Bengü Yurtseven; Daloğlu, Ayşegül; Department of English Language Teaching (2004)
This study aims to explore the perceived benefits of three-way observation on the focal areas of objectives of the activities, error-correction techniques, and group-work in an upper-intermediate class in Bilkent University School of English Language. The data was collected through five classroom observations, six post-observation reflection sheets, five focus-group interviews with the students, and five post-observation interviews with the observer. A total of 15 upper-intermediate level students, one teac...
Flow Experiences of Adolescents in Terms of Internet Cafe Environment and Computer Game Play Characteristics
Kara, Nuri; Çağıltay, Kürşat (2013-02-16)
The aim of this study is to investigate the flow experiences of adolescents who play computer games at an Internet cafe environment. Observations and interviews were used in order to collect data from 21 adolescents aged 14 to 20 years. Results indicated that the Internet cafe social environment that include several activities such as talking to each other and helping other players while playing had a positive effect on the flow experiences of adolescents. While game genre, goal, and visual appearance incre...
Online communication and discussion environment for the visually disabled students at a public university
Emiroğlu, Bülent Gürsel; Özden, M. Yaşar; Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology (2008)
This study aims to discover the perceptions of the visually disabled students at a public university in Ankara, Turkey for attending and participating in an online communication and discussion environment on the Web to access information and establish social relationships with others. The purpose of this research is six folds: (1) to investigate the current status of the visually disabled university students at a public university in Ankara, Turkey for accessing and using computers and the Internet, (2) to ...
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