Interaction of anodized Ti6A17Nb with simulated body fluid

The present work investigates modification of Ti6Al7Nb alloy surfaces using anodization for orthopedic applications. By optimizing the anodization parameters. nanotubular oxide layers with tubular diameters tailored between 25 nm to 140 nm was fabricated on Ti6Al7Nb alloy surfaces. When Ti6Al7Nb samples possessing nanotubular surface features were immersed in simulated body fluid for 30 days. calcium phosphate mineral formation was observed on these surfaces. Results showed that anodized Ti6Al7Nb samples with 140 inn diameter had a higher bioactivity compared to samples with 25 inn nanotubular diameter and non-anodized Ti6Al7Nb samples. and thus anodized Ti6Al7Nb is a promising candidate for orthopedic applications.


Formation and Characterization of Sub-Micron Inert Particle Embedded Nickel Composite Coatings
Yılmaz Tüzün, Özgül; Karakaya, İshak (2017-06-01)
Composite coatings have a wide range of application areas requiring improved mechanical and tribological properties. Due to its enhanced properties, Ni-Al2O3 electro-co-deposition rather than pure Ni electrodeposition was investigated. A typical sulfamate bath was used to evaluate the effects of current density on hardness and the amount of deposited Al2O3. It was found that increase in current density increases the hardness and deposited wt.% Al2O3 particles within the parameter ranges covered in this stud...
Determination of tool point FRF of micro tools under operational conditions using analytical methods
Özşahin, Orkun (Journal of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of Gazi University, 2018-01-01)
Tool point Frequency Response Function (FRF) for micro tools cannot be measured using impact testing and modal analysis. In addition, micro machining operations are performed at high spindle speeds and due to the gyroscopic moments and centrifugal forces tool point FRF changes during machining operations. In this study, micro tools are modeled analytically including the fluted geometry of the tool and operational effects. Moreover, for the machining centers where spindle geometry is unknown, a new coupling ...
Synthesis and characterization of tetracarbonylpyrazinetrimethylphosphitetungsten (0) complexes
Alper, Fatma; Özkar, Saim; Department of Chemistry (2004)
In this study, the effect of a donor ligand on the stabilization of a carbonyl pyrazine tungsten complex was studied. The pentacarbonylpyrazinetungsten(0) complex could be formed from the photolysis of hexacarbonyltungsten(0) in the presence of pyrazine and could be isolated as crystalline solid. However, the complex was found to be unstable in solution, being converted to a bimetallic complex, (CO)5W(pyz)W(CO)5 and free pyrazine molecule. Two complexes exist in solution at equilibrium. The equilibrium cons...
Formation of Titanium Dioxide Nanotube Arrays by Anodizing Ti6Al4V Alloy
Karakaya, İshak (The Electrochemical Society, 2014-04-01)
Titanium dioxide thin films of nanoporous structures have gained great interest due to their large surface area and high reactivity properties in their applications. One of the methods used to form titanium dioxide nanostructures is anodizing the surface of titanium in F- ion containing electrolytes. Effects of HF concentration (0.1 to 0.5 wt.%), anodizing potential (10 to 30 V) and time (30 to 180 minutes) on the titanium dioxide nanotube formation were investigated by anodically oxidizing Ti6Al4V alloy in...
The Effect of Labeled/Unlabeled Prior Information for Masseter Segmentation
Tabar, Yousef Rezaei; Ulusoy, İlkay (Hindawi Limited, 2013-01-01)
Several segmentation methods are implemented and applied to segment the facial masseter tissue from magnetic resonance images. The common idea for all methods is to take advantage of prior information from different MR images belonging to different individuals in segmentation of a test MR image. Standard atlas-based segmentation methods and probabilistic segmentation methods based on Markov random field use labeled prior information. In this study, a new approach is also proposed where unlabeled prior infor...
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