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Interaction of anodized Ti6A17Nb with simulated body fluid

The present work investigates modification of Ti6Al7Nb alloy surfaces using anodization for orthopedic applications. By optimizing the anodization parameters. nanotubular oxide layers with tubular diameters tailored between 25 nm to 140 nm was fabricated on Ti6Al7Nb alloy surfaces. When Ti6Al7Nb samples possessing nanotubular surface features were immersed in simulated body fluid for 30 days. calcium phosphate mineral formation was observed on these surfaces. Results showed that anodized Ti6Al7Nb samples with 140 inn diameter had a higher bioactivity compared to samples with 25 inn nanotubular diameter and non-anodized Ti6Al7Nb samples. and thus anodized Ti6Al7Nb is a promising candidate for orthopedic applications.