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A Multi-source Micro Power Generator Employing Thermal and Vibration Energy Harvesting

Toreyin, Hakan
Topal, Emre
Külah, Haluk
This paper introduces a new cantilever type multi-source energy harvester generating electric power from both ambient heat and vibration. Harvesting energy from vibration was realized by electromagnetic conversion, whereas the energy generation from heat was supplied by making use of Seebeck effect of Cr-Al thermocouples implemented on the microcantilevers. The measured average Seebeck coefficient is 12 mu V/K per thermocouples. A total voltage of 3.3 mV was generated from the thermoelectric part and 13.4 mV from the electromagnetic part of the device. Measured total power from the fabricated chip is 1.91 nW (1.12 nW from vibration, 0.79 nW thermoelectric)