Afterglow, TL and OSL properties of Mn2+-doped ZnGa2O4 phosphor

Luchechko, Andriy
Zhydachevskyy, Yaroslav
Ubizskii, Sergii
Kravets, Oleh
Popov, Anatoli I.
Rogulis, Uldis
Elsts, Edgars
Bulur, Enver
Suchocki, Andrzej
Zinc gallate (ZnGa2O4) spinel ceramics doped with Mn2+ ions was prepared by a solid-state reaction at 1200 degrees C in air. Manganese concentration was equal to 0.05 mol.% of MnO with respect to ZnO. Ceramics produced in this way show an efficient green emission at about 505 nm under UV or X-ray excitations, which is caused by Mn2+ ions. This green emission is observed also as a relatively long afterglow (visible to the naked eye in the dark for about one hour) after switching-off the X-ray excitation. Time profiles of the beginning of glow and afterglow have been studied together with thermally stimulated (TSL) and optically stimulated (OSL) luminescence. Experimental results demonstrate a presence of few types of shallow and deep traps responsible for the observed afterglow and TSL/OSL emission of the material. The possibility of pulsed optical stimulation and time-resolved OSL characteristics of ZnGa2O4: Mn2+ has been reported for the first time. The presented results suggest the ZnGa2O4: Mn2+ spinel as a promising material for further fundamental research and possibility of application as a green long-lasting phosphor or storage phosphor for TSL/OSL radiation dosimetry.

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A. Luchechko et al., “Afterglow, TL and OSL properties of Mn2+-doped ZnGa2O4 phosphor,” SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, vol. 9, pp. 0–0, 2019, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: