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Application of Electric Resistance Heating Method on Titanium Hot Forming at Industrial Scale

Ozturk, Fahrettin
Ece, Remzi Ecmel
Polat, Naki
Koksal, Arif
Evis, Zafer
Sheikh-Ahmad, Jamal Y.
In this study, hot forming of DIN WL 3.7024 commercially pure titanium with a sheet thickness of 0.6 mm was performed by electric resistance heating. The sheet materials were heated at 600, 650, and 680 A degrees C and then hot formed with an industrial press. Grain size measurement and XRD analysis were performed for each forming temperature in order to investigate microstructure and phase changes. Results indicate that no microstructural changes have occurred at the mentioned temperature range. It was confirmed that heat treatment before deformation did not contribute any noticeable phase change. However, minor grain growth and traces of titanium oxides were observed. Electrical resistance heating method was found to be applicable for industrial size part production with effective elimination of springback.