Silicon microspheres for optical modulation applications

Yüce, Emre
GÜRLÜ, Oguzhan
A silicon microsphere coupled to a silica optical fiber half coupler is excited using a diode laser operating at 1.55 mu m. The transmitted and the 90 degrees elastically scattered light signals are modulated with an electrical square wave applied to the silicon microsphere.


Optical Modulation With Silicon Microspheres
Yüce, Emre; Serpenguzel, Ali (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2009-10-15)
In this letter, a silicon microsphere coupled to a silica optical fiber half coupler has been characterized for electrooptical modulation in the L-band at 1.55 mu m. Electrooptical modulation of the transmitted and the 90 degrees elastic scattered signals for both the TE and the TM polarizations of the microsphere resonances has been observed.
Tunable light sources in the visible and near infrared based on fiber taper coupled photonic crystal nanocavities
Shambat, Gary; Gong, Yiyang; Rivoire, Kelley; Lu, Jesse; Yerci, Selçuk; Li, Rui; Hatami, Fariba; Negro, Luca Dal; Vučković, Jelena (2010-10-15)
Photoluminescence at 1.53 um from Er: SiN x on silicon photonic crystal cavities was extracted via fiber tapers with 2.5 x greater collection efficiency compared to free space emission. Fibers were also used to demonstrate a 10 nm tuning range of 750 nm SHG emission from GaP cavities.
Electrically controlled terahertz spatial light modulators with graphene arrays
Kakenov, Nurbek; Takan, Taylan; Özkan, Vedat Ali; Balci, Osman; Polat, Emre O.; Altan, Hakan; KOCABAŞ, COŞKUN (2016-05-27)
Gate-tunable high-mobility electrons on atomically thin graphene layers provide a unique opportunity to control electromagnetic waves in a very broad spectrum. In this paper, we describe an electrically-controlled multipixel terahertz light modulators. The spatial light modulator is fabricated using two large-area graphene layers grown by chemical vapor deposition and transferred on THz transparent and flexible substrates. Room temperature ionic liquid, inserted between the graphene, provides mutual gating ...
Integrated optical modulators with zero index metamaterials based on photonic crystal slab waveguides
Yildirim, Mustafa; GÖVDELİ, ALPEREN; Kocaman, Serdar (2019-01-01)
A novel integrated optical modulator design is presented using zero index metamaterial-based Mach-Zehnder Interferometer with photonic crystal phase shifters. The phase modulation relies on the shift between the photonic bandgaps having non-zero and zero effective refractive indices. A small change in the bulk index results in an effective index change between the arms of the MZI due to the disturbance of the band structure. Thus, such a structure provides a new approach for phase modulation on integrated o...
Numerical simulations on stimulated raman scattering for fiber raman amplifiers and lasers using spectral methods
Berberoğlu, Halil; Çakır, Serhat; Department of Physics (2007)
Optical amplifiers and lasers continue to play its crucial role and they have become an indispensable part of the every fiber optic communication systems being installed from optical network to ultra-long haul systems. It seems that they will keep on to be a promising future technology for high speed, long-distance fiber optic transmission systems. The numerical simulations of the model equations have been already commercialized by the photonic system designers to meet the future challenges. One of the chal...
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E. Yüce, O. GÜRLÜ, and A. SERPENGÜZEL, “Silicon microspheres for optical modulation applications,” 2009, vol. 7366, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: