High power microsecond fiber laser at 1.5 mu m

Pavlova, Svitlana
Yagci, M. Emre
Eken, S. Koray
Tunckol, Ersan
Pavlov, Ihor
In this work, we demonstrate a single frequency, high power fiber-laser system, operating at 1550 nm, generating controllable rectangular-shape mu s pulses. In order to control the amplified spontaneous emission content, and overcome the undesirable pulse steepening during the amplification, a new method with two seed sources operating at 1550 nm and 1560 nm are used in this system. The output power is about 35 W in CW mode, and the peak power is around 32 W in the pulsed mode. The repetition rate of the system is tunable between 50 Hz to 10 kHz, and the pulse duration is adjustable from 10 mu s to 100 mu s, with all on the fly electronically configurable design. The system demonstrates excellent long and short time stability, as well as spectral and spatial beam quality. (C) 2020 Optical Society of America under the terms of the OSA Open Access Publishing Agreement

Citation Formats
S. Pavlova, M. E. Yagci, S. K. Eken, E. Tunckol, and I. Pavlov, “High power microsecond fiber laser at 1.5 mu m,” OPTICS EXPRESS, vol. 28, no. 12, pp. 18368–18375, 2020, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/41682.